Lee Alice (Hillman) Pablo is a painter and designer with a focus on minimalism based in Houston, TX. Originally from Baton Rouge, LA, Lee Alice trained as an interior designer and worked for architecture firms in New York City, Dallas, and Houston. Though she now spends more time painting, the worlds blend in her eyes and are not as separate as they are typically made out to be. In 2004, she spent a month in Mexico City and worked on an installation with landscape architecture and art students at Luis Barragan's house and studio and Casa Ortega.  This experience was illuminating for her not only because of the blend of different disciplines collaborating together, but being immersed in an environment where the boundary is blurry between where design stops and art begins. 
Where there are boundaries, there is an opening to connect.

William P. Hobby International Airport Public Art Collection

Interview with Mist Gallery

Design Hive - a collaboration with Gensler + Brookfield

Sunday Shop - representation in New Orleans, LA


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