Lee Alice (Hillman) Pablo (b. 1984) is an artist based in Austin, TX originally from Baton Rouge, LA.

There is something so oddly satisfying about being immersed in an environment that feels like it has been designed for your comfortable, emotional set point. For me, that is the architecture of Luis Barragan. I was 20 years old when I first visited one of his spaces in Mexico City and had never felt so eerily at home in a place that I had never been to prior. Because of this mysterious, home away from home experience and since I could not travel to Mexico City frequently, I explored the spaces again, but with paint. This exploration with paint is where I discovered why I felt so at home in those spaces. The Barragan walls of solitude are physical translations of what I seek emotionally. Living and working in America, which for me is a loud, extroverted, masculine-dominate playground, these painting studies have offered an escape. Though it sounds very zen to find a form of solitude, there is an internal struggle in desiring such quiet comfort in a setting that so greatly opposes what I seek.


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